Privacy policy

This register and privacy policy is compliant with general data protection regulation (GDPR).

Name of the register

The client register of Jaatinen Raimo Antero

Register holder

Jaatinen Raimo Antero, Business id 1812029-7

Person responsible for register issues

Raimo Jaatinen, sole trader

Register use

Register use is to act as the client register of Jaatinen Raimo Antero, sole trader.

This information can be used for the following usage purposes:

  • Handling and proceedings of course enrollments
  • Billing and transaction traffic
  • Service providing and development
  • Marketing

Regular sources of information

The main information source is client himself or herself. Information can also be acquired from both authority and company registers and common partners.

Information content of the register

The register includes mainly the information that clients themselves have given to sole trader Jaatinen Raimo Antero.

The register can include e.g. following client information:

  • Person’s name
  • Company name and id
  • Email address and phone number
  • Postal, billing and bank contact information
  • Service and usage settings
  • Product and service order information
  • Other information required for services given by client

Regular information admits

With the consent of a client information can be admitted to the common partners of sole trader Jaatinen Raimo Antero for delivering products and services ordered by client.

Information related to billing can be admitted to parties who transit transcation traffic.

Information is not admitted to third parties inside or outside of EU.

Information can be admitted to authorities if they present a request based on Finnish law.

Protection principles of the register

Manual material

Information is not kept as physical pieces apart from accounting which only the designated employees and accountor of sole trader Jaatinen Raimo Antero have access and who are binded by confidentiality obligation.

Information saved in data management systems

Information is transferred over SSL protected connection.

Electric information has been protected by firewall. Only the designated employees of sole trader Jaatinen Raimo Antero have access to register information. The employees are identified by username and password. Information is handled as confidential and it is not to be expressed to others than those who need it in their work and who are binded by confidentiality obligation.

Checking and forbidding right

Registered person has a right to check what information applied to him or her has been saved in person information register. Written check request is to be sent signed to the person responsible for register issues.

Checking right is free if done at maximum once per year.

Retention time of the information

We keep personal information only for the time period which is necessary according to the type of personal information and handling purpose.


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